CrowdMinder is R400 + R60 for each active User per Month. All Features Included.

The owner account is included in the base fee of R400,
all additional active users are R60 each. Inactive users are free. All prices monthly.

From R400, you get:

  • A fast, intuitive timesheet system
  • Paperless Leave Request and Approval
  • Set Billing Rates for Users on Projects
  • Let your Crowd Manage themselves
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Pricing Table

Monthly Pricing for Different Crowd Size (Excluding Owner)

Crowd Size Instance Cost Additional User Cost Total Monthly Cost
0 (Just Owner) R400 R0 R400
1 R400 R60 R460
2 R400 R120 R520
3 R400 R180 R580
5 R400 R300 R700
10 R400 R600 R1000
15 R400 R900 R1300
20 R400 R1200 R1600
25 R400 R1500 R1900
30 R400 R1800 R2200
35 R400 R2100 R2500
40 R400 R2400 R2800
50 R400 R3000 R3400
60 R400 R3600 R4000
70 R400 R4200 R4600
80 R400 R4800 R5200
90 R400 R5400 R5800
100 R400 R6000 R6400

Payment Info

  • Only pay for active users
  • No credit card required. No contract. Cancel anytime. No hidden costs.