How CrowdMinder Works

CrowdMinder helps your crowd enter time and leave faster, lets managers mind their crowd and makes billing and reporting simple.

CrowdMinders Features:

Time Entry

Create time entries for tasks on projects. View the month overview, start and end work on different projects.

  • Projects linked to specific user
  • Tasks linked to specific project
  • Tasks default billable or unbillable
  • Calendar view showing leave and paid holidays
  • Warnings for weekend and paid holidays
time entry in crowdminder
leave requests in crowdminder

Leave Request and Approval

Request and approve leave. All done online. Complete the whole process in seconds.

  • Request leave with different editable leave types
  • Emails are sent to approvers
  • Online approval and rejection
  • Emails are sent to administrators when approved
  • Weekends and paid holidays calculated automatically
  • Approved leave shows on time entry.
  • Acceptance of Leave terms required
  • View other crowd members' upcoming leave
  • Protected sick note or document attachments

Dashboards and Reporting

View time progress and division over a month or a year. Fine grained reporting for your crowd.

  • View current time entry completion
  • Cool progress charts
  • View billable and unbillable project division
  • Find grained reporting on time
  • Leave report for your crowd
dashboard in crowdminder
leave requests in crowdminder

Billing Rates, Payments and Account Managers

Some basic finance features for your crowd

  • Billing rates
  • Notifications of billable entries with no billing rates
  • Client Calendars
  • Payments recieved
  • Account Managers

Crowd, Client and Project Management

Manage aspects of your crowd

  • Easy user management: no need to set or reset passwords
  • User registration emails
  • Active and in-active users for people that left your crowd
  • Projects linked to clients
dashboard in crowdminder
leave requests in crowdminder

Email and site notifications

Be informed about actions in your crowd

  • Real time Notifications
  • Leave request and approvals
  • Billing rates not set